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** October 2017 / HIIT BOX is two years old! **
🍰  Thanks so much for coming to our birthday party 🍰



January 2018
New York magazine: Maryam weighs in on her favorite HIIT sports bra.




March 2017
After receiving thousands of nominations from members, Classpass names Maryam Zadeh as one of the best HIIT instructors in New York.


March 2017
The Best of New York Health & Self 2017
HIIT BOX makes New York Magazine's Best of New  York list!


September 2016
Lux:  Your Glimpse Into the World of the Glamorous
HIIT BOX named "Best Boutique Fitness Center."

December 15, 2015
Allure Magazine:  9 Workouts Allure Editors Swear By

November 24, 2015
DNA Info:  Kickboxing and More Coming to Park Slope and Gowanus

November 19, 2015
Park Slope Stoop:
Get Inside The HIIT Box With Fierce Trainer Maryam Zadeh

November 10, 2015
New York Post:  Can A 10-Minute Workout Actually Get You in Shape?

January 7, 2013
The New York Times:  Cold Days Don't Deter Mothers' Workouts

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