We offer 30 and 50 minute classes with new classes added regularly. Be sure to download our new HIIT BOX App to get the latest class descriptions and schedules.  

*See cancellation and wait-list policies below


DIRTY 30's
Two moves.  One cardio.  One strength.  30 seconds each – all out intensity.
Three rounds.  Tiny break.  Ridiculous...
The best 30-minute workout you will ever find.  Be ready to work.

Open to all levels but challenging

ROW 30
We combine short, explosive rowing sets with strength,  power and endurance drills.
A pulse-pounding 30-minute session that will challenge your limits in short all-out bursts.  Sometimes we focus on distance, other times we focus on time.  We always focus on intensity.  Designed to burn fat. 

Open to all levels but challenging.

Definitely one of our hardest 30-minute classes! Ten 30-second exercises that you perform at an all-out intensity. One of the best intro’s to HIIT.  Cardio, strength, power, endurance and core moves that you attack like a heat-seeking missile.  The sequencing will leave you breathless and the sense of accomplishment after you finish leaves you ready to handle the world. Surely you have 30 minutes…?

Open to all levels but challenging.

30 non-stop minutes of cardio crushing that targets endurance, agility, power, strength, and core. From the minute the music starts trainer Mekenna Sigai will take you on a power ride of cardio and core drills using your body's weight as a fitness tool. You will be pouring sweat and proving to yourself how fit and strong your are! Come burn with us.

Open to all levels.

Imagine a heat-seeking missile on your abs, butt, and thighs–then you'll know what this class is all about. 30 heart-pounding minutes focused on your abs (upper, middle, lower, obliques–ALL OF IT). Then throw in  non-stop glutes–after all they are the core of your back. And while you're at it, shred the legs in this smart, clean, efficient, very hard 30-minute workout. While it's an exceptional class on its own, pair it with a run or ride and you are A+.

Open to all levels.

This will workout will really transform your mind and body. I’ve spent years trying to stick to an exercise regime and it’s finally happened ... I’m addicted. Maryam is the best there is.
— R. Smith

I’ve been searching for a new, efficient workout and I’m so excited to have found it in HIIT BOX! I was fairly out of shape when I started just a month ago, but I’ve been going to class 2 times per week and can’t believe how much stronger I’ve become. Plus, I feel like a bit of a warrior after I complete the class, in a really good way. Maryam is great at cheering us on and helping us push ourselves in ways we would NEVER do on our own. I made the commitment to try 5 classes and then decide how I felt—and now I’m hooked.
— R. Garrett


An extremely efficient total body workout.  A calorie-crushing class that takes HIIT to a new level.  We combine HIIT drills with WaterRower sets.  You will focus on either timed sets or distance on the rower.

And strength/core/cardio quadrants on the training floor.  Takes cardio to a whole new level ... 

HIIT & ROW – don't be afraid.

Intermediate / Advanced Level

A 50-minute all-out training session where you will do short, high-intensity, timed intervals and sets that push you to the limit.  Cardio, core, power, strength and endurance drills where you work your hardest, recover quickly and then do it all over again!

Very well thought-out lesson plans that include Medicine Balls, WaterRowers, ViPRs, Kettlebells, Sandbells, Plyo Boxes. Come see what your body can do: Set goals. HIIT goals.  Crush goals.

Intermediate / Advanced Level

A pulse-pounding session where you will perform 90-second rounds consisting of:

  • one power move
  • one strength move

Three rounds - all out intensity - very little break. Cardio, strength, core and endurance.  Be ready to work. One of the toughest classes on the schedule. When you get through these workouts, you can handle ANYTHING!! 

Never be afraid of your strength. 

Intermediate / Advanced Level

A heart-pounding warm-up followed by 10 rounds of TABATA.  Each sequence has:

  • Two moves at 20 seconds of all-out intensity;
  • Four rounds each to make four intense minutes.

Designed to drive you to maximum fitness levels in a very short time. Trainer Skye Alrai combines strength+cardio+core in sequences that will give you the most efficient workout you'll ever find. Get through 10 rounds and you're a rockstar!

Intermediate / Advanced Level

Once you get through the warm-up, team drills and AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), you'll tackle ten one-minute drills transitioning from upper body to lower body, from cardio to core. First round not so bad. Second round kicks your ass. Third round will have you flipping off the coach. Metabolic conditioning at its finest. Come train!

Intermediate / Advanced Level

I started working out with Maryam after slacking for a few years and have never felt better or stronger. Her classes are fun & addictive and reasonably priced.
— V. Bloom

* Cancellation Policy:

HIIT BOX cancellation policy requires you to cancel a reservation up to 6 hours before your scheduled session.  Late cancellations or no shows will be charged for the session accordingly. This is a very generous window, so please be courteous to other members and cancel when you know you can’t make it. Group class reservations can be cancelled by logging into your MINDBODY profile or through our branded app. 

* Waitlist Policy:

You can get added to the class from the waitlist up to 6 hours before the start time. You will be automatically added and will receive an email confirming this. Please note, we assume you want to take EVERY class you are wait listed for. If you sign up for multiple waitlists, and get into a class, please remember you have 6 hours prior to the class time to remove yourself from other classes.  If you get added to a class, our system will not recognize that you are on another waitlist and we would hate it if you lost a class credit, so please cancel yourself out!


Rules to Hiit By

Rules to Hiit By

Download our HIIT BOX app before you come to class.   That way you can focus on your training and not signing in and paying.

Please arrive 5 minutes before class:  this will permit time for those in the previous class to exit as well as give you time to check in.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for your very first class to get acquainted with us and the space.  If you're running late, please call/text the studio to let us know.  We are cool with that, but be aware that we are strict about start times and no one will be admitted 5 minutes after class starts.  No exceptions.  If you are running late and we have not heard from you by the start of class, any wait-listed HIITBOXER's or drop-ins who are present may take your place in class. 

We have installed high end training mats and let's face it:  NYC streets are nasty.  So no wet shoes on the training mats, ever.  We also do not allow street shoes on the inner mats.  Please bring your training shoes and change into them at the studio.  If you run or arrive in your training shoes, then please use the double mats and get them wiped clean before you step onto the training floor.  Your hands and faces are down there for an hour, you will thank us.

There are cubby holes to the right as you enter.  Plenty of room for you to store your items and keep an eye on them.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR MISSING PERSONAL ITEMS.

No kidding.  If you can't focus you can't do these workouts.  If you can't disconnect from your phone for 50 minutes, you can't do these workouts.  Not to mention it takes away from your workout and will be distracting to others.  Leave your phone on the side and you'll be fine, we promise.  ALSO: No whining.  Heavy breathing, even panting, is welcome, but there's no whining in HIIT BOX. 

Just bring a vessel to drink out of.  We also have hair ties, q-tips, and tampons.  Downstairs changing room and bathroom also available, however no showers.  

If you're sick, please don't schedule a class.  Your classmates will thank you, as will we.