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HIIT BOX is among the top-rated studios on ClassPass.
With over 5,000 reviews (and an impressive 4.8 rating), we're among the best of the best studios on ClassPass.

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HIIT BOX: A one-of-a kind training center in Brooklyn led by trainer Maryam Zadeh with small group classes focusing on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). 

HIIT utilizes short, timed sets alternating between cardio and strength training – also known as Metabolic Conditioning.  Each session incorporates cardio drills, plyometrics, sandbells, ViPRs, kettlebells, rowers, battle ropes, medicine balls, gliders and more. Keeping your heart rate up and working your core with each move.

Lots of tricks to keep the workouts fresh and get you fit – as well as great energy levels and great music.  No two sessions are the same and utilize many different energy systems, making it an amazingly efficient way to achieve the results you want.  

The workouts are so effective you continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after a class. No elliptical or treadmill can do that.  HIIT is a minimalist workout with a maximum return and we offer up to 6 classes a day.   With new classes added each month.  

20 second sets.  30 second sets.  60 second sets.  I promise you can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds! 

Get out of your comfort zone.  Get in the HIIT BOX.


Benefits of hiit

Benefits of hiit

Attacks the Fat
All exercise burns calories, but when you add the weights or other fitness tools like dumbbells, medicine balls, ViPR’s and much more, you create loaded movement which annihilates the fat. 

Muscles Burn Calories
Muscle tissue uses up wayyyy more energy than fat tissue. Which means if you add weights to your cardio and core work, you burn even when you’re just sitting in front of your phone or computer … nearly 10% more. 

It’s a Bone Booster
Let’s face it, we lose bone density as we get older - but it’s also one of the few things in our bodies that can be stopped - even reversed.  Incorporate weights into your workouts and boost your osteocalcin naturally. 

Rock Solid Heart
I always say “Mess with your heart now so it doesn’t mess with you later.”  Keeping your blood pressure low keeps you alive longer.  HIIT reduces your risk of stroke (40%) and heart attack (15%) – just do it. 

Slim Gym
Don’t confuse slim with skinny.  We’re talking inches here not pounds.  Muscles are denser and you may put on weight once they develop.  BUT a pound of fat takes up 18% more space on your body than a pound of muscle.  No thanks.  I’ll take the muscle even if it does weigh a bit more, it takes up less space. 

Balancing Act
So much of the work involves core, so adding dumbbells, sandbells and other fitness tools helps to reduce the rate of falls later in life. 

Cut it Out!
Really, who is still smoking in 2019?  Think about quitting by replacing it with HIIT training.  The combination of cardio and strength gives your lungs that same feeling you get when you smoke, only with clean air - not tobacco and chemicals.  Studies have shown that smokers who committed to this type of training were twice as likely to successfully quit. 

Happy Valley
Exercise in general raises levels of serotonin, adding weights and loaded movements in particular helps balance the mood and makes us happier.  Anger management, better coping skills and overall mood are significant side effects. 

Do You Think I’m Sexy? 
Low levels of testosterone in both men and women can wreak havoc. Look up what it does to your body. Adding weights to your cardio and core movements is an excellent way to reverse that process. The body not only responds to compound movements, such as squats, lunges and push-ups, but adding weights helps produce more testosterone. Which produces better hair, better skin and best of all BETTER SEX!


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