Please note: Our classes change on a regular basis.
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Two moves. 30 seconds. All-out intensity.
10 second break. Three rounds. Ridiculous...

The best 30-minute workout you will ever find.

Be ready to work. 
This class is for all levels but challenging.

ROW 30
The best pocket-sized workout ever! We combine short, explosive rowing sets with strength, power, cardio, functional, speed and endurance drills. A pulse-pounding, 30-minute session that will push you to your limits on the WaterRower as you slam sandbells, battle ropes and Dynamax balls.

An arsenal of fitness tools designed to strengthen and burn fat. This class is focused and intense.

All levels but definitely challenging.

30 non-stop minutes of lung-crushing cardio work that covers endurance, speed, agility, power, strength and ALWAYS core. 

BURN 30 takes you on a power ride of sequences, using your bodyweight as a fitness tool. You. Pouring sweat. Unable to catch your breath. Give yourself these 30 minutes!

We know it’s hard but it burns so good...

Short on time but still need your workout? HIIT 30 is an intense, pocket-size workout that takes Interval Training to a new level. Designed to give you maximum results without spending hours in the gym. 

This 30 minute class covers strength, cardio, endurance, agility, speed, functional and explosive moves. You will leave drenched and ready to handle s***. 

A challenging and super fun workout - come and get your sweat on!

All levels but definitely intense.

Short, sweet and intense!

TABATA 30 is an exceptionally efficient, pocket-sized HIIT workout. Heart-pounding, four-minute rounds designed for all out intensity. Two moves you annihilate for 20 seconds - resting in between for 10. We like to call this a “creeper workout.” 

Our TABATA sequences combine cardio, strength, core, explosive, speed and agility tools to give you the most dynamic workout you'll find without spending hours in
the gym.

A rockstar workout in 30 minutes!

All levels, be prepared to work hard! This is a great starter class.


A deliciously challenging 30 minute class!

An intense, ladder-work session that stacks TEN 30-second exercises in smart sequences that challenge every muscle! Your heart will pound in this unbelievable workout as you train your body and your brain. 

LEVEL 10 gives you a full-body workout — enabling you to walk out accomplished and ready to handle your world. If you like to check out during the session—this is NOT the class for you.

Imagine a heat-seeking missile on your abs, butt and thighs - then you will know what this class is all about. 30 heart-pounding minutes focused on your abs (upper, middle, lower, obliques - ALL OF IT). Throw in glutes - they are the core of your back. An exceptional class on its own or pair it with a run or ride and you are A+. 

All levels. Everything can be done low-impact but be prepared to sweat.

Our newest signature class and one of the most intense 30-minute, lower-body workouts you can find. LOBO 30 focuses on conditioning from the hips down. Quads, glutes, hamstrings, inner/outer thighs, calves...get it? Smart sequences designed to leave you breathless. Your legs will be on fire when this class is over.

Hopefully you have an Uber account.  

All levels but this class IS HARD.

Who says you can't get a challenging, effective and powerful workout in 30 minutes? An amazing class designed to push your heart-rate up as you tackle strength, core, power and agility drills. 

Smart, efficient and a solid 30 minutes of sports training while maintaining proper form and technique. 

All levels but VERY challenging.



An extremely efficient, total body workout.  A calorie-crushing class that takes HIIT to a new level.  We combine HIIT drills with WaterRower sets.  You will focus on either timed sets or distance on the rower.

And strength, core and cardio sequences on the training floor.  Takes training to a whole new level. HIIT & ROW – don't be afraid.

Stay focused. Stay strong. Intermediate/Advanced Level and very very hard!

A 50-minute, all-out training session that covers so many HIIT sequences: Tabata, DIRTY 30’s, MxM, 30/60/90 and Partner Work! Cardio and strength sequences. Agility and endurance drills. Speed and core rounds. Highly curated lesson plans so smart and engaging you forget how hard it is. Come see what your body can do. 

Set goals. HIIT goals. Crush goals. Intermediate/Advanced level and one of the toughest classes on the schedule - you must have a solid level of fitness.

After a grueling warm up, this challenging, circuit-based class pushes you through cardio, strength, coordination, explosive and core work. Intervals that will crush you then rebuild you. Sequencing that blasts your body, your heart, your lungs and your brain. Be brave. Sign up. No joke.

Intermediate / Advanced. Please have a solid level of fitness.

TABATA is an exceptionally efficient type of HIIT training. 

Heart-pounding, four-minute rounds made up of two 20 second moves. That means 20 seconds all out intensity.

Our TABATA sequences combine cardio, strength, core, and explosive moves to give you the most dynamic workout you will ever find without spending hours in the gym. 

Get through the rounds and you're a rockstar! All levels but please work hard!

This extremely challenging, circuit-based class pushes you through cardio, strength, coordination, explosive and core work.

Intervals that will crush you then rebuild you. Sequencing that blasts your body, your heart, your lungs and your brain - the biggest muscle of all. Be brave. Sign up.

Intermediate/Advanced definitely no joke. Please have prior HIIT training.


We combined HIIT with boxing rounds to give you the best of both worlds. Boxing drills with Coach Zak paired with functional, explosive and agility training with Coach Zadeh. Jump, lift, slam, jab, cross and uppercut your way to amazing fitness. #HIIT #PUNCH #SLAY The goal is finishing … com and get it!

Beginners beware, this class is very very tough.

Like gym class on crack! A fat-scorching session of cardio and strength designed to test you and power you. Crush your workout in one of our funnest classes as PURE ATHLETICS challenges you as soon as the music starts.

The smart sequences and tough intervals will have you pouring sweat and ready to take on the weekend!

Come burn with us. This class is fun but very very very tough! No beginners. No breaks. No joke.

A METABOLIC CONDITIONING class that pushes you through to peak fitness. Tackle sequences that challenge every muscle in your body as you push, pull, slam, throw, run, drag, row and lift your way through an insanely fun and insanely hard class. Designed to leave you drenched.

Have fun and train hard!  All levels but very, very tough. Please have prior HIIT training.

Taught by one of our Founding Coaches, this killer circuit class uses a variety of fitness tools to combine powerful bursts of cardio with targeted strength training.   

Highly programmed sequences set to a killer playlist that will leave you drenched in sweat and ready to take on the world!

First round learn it. Second round kill it! Intermediate/Advanced and difficult.

A 50 minute training session where the entire focus is core! We pull out an arsenal of HIIT formats to keep you engaged, always sweating and never bored. One of the most cardio-intensive core classes you can find. Get your heart rate up and burn your midsection - all while focusing on form and precision. Stay challenged.

Some modifications available. This class is good for all levels but difficult.

We pull out an arsenal of HIIT formats to keep you engaged, always sweating and never bored. One of the most cardio/core-intensive classes you can find. Get your heart rate up and burn your midsection - all while focusing on form and precision. Stay challenged. Stay focused. Stay strong.  

Some modifications available. This class is good for all Intermediate/Advanced levels but difficult.

* Cancellation Policy:
HIIT BOX cancellation policy requires you to cancel a reservation up to 12 hours before your scheduled session.  Late cancellations or no shows will be charged for the session accordingly. This is a very generous window, so please be courteous to other members and cancel when you know you can’t make it. Group class reservations can be cancelled by logging into your MINDBODY profile or through our branded app. 

* Waitlist Policy:
You can get added to the class from the waitlist up to 12 hours before the start time. You will be automatically added and will receive an email confirming this. Please note, we assume you want to take EVERY class you are wait listed for. If you sign up for multiple waitlists, and get into a class, please remember you have 12 hours prior to the class time to remove yourself from other classes.  If you get added to a class, our system will not recognize that you are on another waitlist and we would hate it if you lost a class credit, so please cancel yourself out!


Rules to Hiit By

Rules to Hiit By

Download our HIIT BOX app before you come to class.   That way you can focus on your training and not signing in and paying.

Please arrive 5 minutes before class:  this will permit time for those in the previous class to exit as well as give you time to check in.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for your very first class to get acquainted with us and the space.  If you're running late, please call/text the studio to let us know.  We are cool with that, but be aware that we are strict about start times and no one will be admitted 5 minutes after class starts.  No exceptions.  If you are running late and we have not heard from you by the start of class, any wait-listed HIITBOXER's or drop-ins who are present may take your place in class. 

We have installed high end training mats and let's face it:  NYC streets are nasty.  So no wet shoes on the training mats, ever.  We also do not allow street shoes on the inner mats.  Please bring your training shoes and change into them at the studio.  If you run or arrive in your training shoes, then please use the double mats and get them wiped clean before you step onto the training floor.  Your hands and faces are down there for an hour, you will thank us.

There is plenty of room for you to store your items and keep an eye on them.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR MISSING PERSONAL ITEMS.

No kidding.  If you can't focus you can't do these workouts.  If you can't disconnect from your phone for 50 minutes, you can't do these workouts.  Not to mention it takes away from your workout and will be distracting to others.  Leave your phone on the side and you'll be fine, we promise.  ALSO: No whining.  Heavy breathing, even panting, is welcome, but there's no whining in HIIT BOX. 

Just bring a vessel to drink out of.  We also have hair ties, q-tips, and tampons.  Downstairs changing room and bathroom also available, however no showers.  

If you're sick, please don't schedule a class.  Your classmates will thank you, as will we.