Since we opened HIIT BOX two years ago, we have always wanted the team and the studio to grow.  Finding coaches that shared our original vision and passion was not easy, but we could not be more excited to introduce the new HIIT BOX superstars who joined us in November. With the support of new trainers, we've been able to create workshops and offer new signature classes.

Meet our new trainers and read about our new classes and more!




This class combines a variety of equipment with powerful bursts of cardiovascular drills and targeted strength training. This circuit station class is designed to push your limits in athletic training and the timed sets are highly programmed sequences all set to a killer playlist that will leave you drenched in sweat and ready to take on the world!

In this class, you'll tackle AMRAPS that challenge every muscle in your body while you push through to peak fitness! Transitioning from upper body to lower body to cardio to core--you will experience HIIT at its finest. Finishing off with Metabolic Play -  you will push, pull, slam, throw, run, drag, and lift your way through an insanely fun and insanely hard class. 

Imagine a heat-seeking missile on your abs, butt and thighs - that is this class. 30 heart-pounding minutes focused on your abs (upper, middle, lower, obliques - ALL OF IT). Then throw in non-stop glutes - after all they are the core of your back.  While it's an exceptional class on its own, pair it with a run or ride and you are A+. 
30 non-stop minutes of cardio crushing work that targets endurance, agility, power, strength and core. From the minute the music starts BURN 30 takes you on a power ride of cardio and core drills using your bodyweight as a fitness tool. You will be pouring sweat and proving to yourself how fit and strong you are! Come burn with us, baby.  

Short on time but still need your workout? HIIT 30 is an intense, pocket-size workout that takes Interval Training to a new level. Designed to give you maximum results without spending hours in the gym. This 30 minute class covers so many energy systems -  strength, cardio, endurance, agility, speed, core-strength, functional and explosive moves - we can't list them all. A challenging and super fun workout! 



We are thrilled to launch our latest and greatest signature classes this February - both classes combine boxing training with HIIT. You can demo these classes on Friday, February 2nd and they will be on the schedule beginning February 16th. Both classes will be taught by our newest Coach, Heather Laham from UFC Gym.

A 30 minute boxing-inspired CORE CLASS that takes you through amazing core building sequences mixed in with jump rope.
Warm-up with a heart-pounding shadow-boxing sequence using sandweights. Then progress to 60 seconds on the rope and 3 minutes on your core.
First round is not so bad.
Second round you're like WTF.
Third round you flip off the coach. 
All levels but must be able to jumprope, no modifications. We don't care if you are good at it - we just want you to do it. 
Demo Class: Friday, February 2nd at 6pm

Combining boxing rounds with AMRAP's so you get the best of both world's. In this class you will alternate between three minute AMRAP'S of HIIT work and three minute rounds of boxing training. You will still punch, slam, jump, lift and pull. But you will also jab, cross, hook and uppercut your way to amazing fitness. 
The goal is ten rounds! Come and get it. #HIIT #PUNCH #SLAY
Demo Class: Friday, February 2nd at 7pm



Our apparel line GRYFF, is finally expanding this month and you will start to see our new thermals, hoodies, tees, and hats available for purchase.  Stop by HIIT BOX anytime during the week to pick up the cutest rat in the Gowanus. All items are made in Brooklyn and truly one-of-a-kind!

Stayed tuned for our monthly pop-ups featuring local brands, artists, and wellness items featured at HIIT BOX. In addition to Gryff, Maryam always knows the best when it comes to the latest athleisure and apparel - check out Maryam's pick for high impact sports bra, featured in New York Magazine!

Sunday, February 11, 3 pm - 4:30 pm


We are launching an educational series devoted to exploring health and wellness and bringing you information to compliments your workouts each month! On Sunday, February 11th we are welcoming Oceana Baity to showcase her modern take on Ancient Healing. In this informal class you'll learn:
- The top ten essential oils and how to use them
- How to boost your immune system naturally and tips to support common winter ailments
- Daily self-care routines to support sleep, stress and mood
- Essential oil safety, application and dilution
- Using essential oils with kids

Open to all, space is limited, RSVP to