Written By: Maryam Zadeh & Alexandra Rickards

Fitness isn't a one-stop shop. What works for one person's body or temperament may not work for another. There is no magic formula to achieving your goals in fitness but there is a magic formula in sequencing. At HIIT BOX we pride ourselves in our sequencing by pairing one high intensity move with a low intensity move, while keeping them dynamic and focusing on metabolic conditioning. No two workouts are ever the same in our studio because there are 639 muscles in your body and to work every group without overworking any one group, requires careful sequencing. There are so many injury inducing workouts in the marketplace now. Mainly where the coach just yells GO! and gives you an impossible number of reps to perform with no science or actual sequencing knowledge behind it - just GO! The number of clients that have existing injuries before they begin HIIT BOX are staggering - often because of ill-experienced coaches or a lack of individualized attention during a workout which results in poor form.  Often times, we see clients who have injured themselves from a home or vacation workout because they don't understand the dangers of not sequencing each move and making sure you activate all of your muscles groups, while not overworking any one muscle. 

We stress form over numbers. Form gets you results, not how many burpees you do.  All too often clients are hesitant to increase reps or move to higher weights in their workout, either because of the fear of bulking up, or persistent fears of injuries and many times just genuinely believing they can't do it.  We get it - but we also say strength has to built, just like a building, with bricks and mortar. Trust in your strength, work on it daily and just as it's crucial to stretch before and after a workout, it's most important that every move in your workout is sequenced and designed to give you maximum results.  

Teaching fitness classes for over 20 years as well as studying kinesiology and body mechanics has been the cornerstone of our success. HIIT BOX was developed out of many years of research, class training, knowledge of energy and exhaustion, and developed over time based on what works and what doesn't. Not only do we teach all day, but we go out and do other instructors classes every week. How can you be a great teacher without learning from other great teachers? Your workout should be like a story and have a beginning, middle and an end. Our warm-ups are progressive and sequenced to warm up your muscles and connective tissue, get your heart rate up, engage your core and connect your feet to your brain. Then we add some endurance and stamina training in BEFORE we get to the lesson plan. 

You will never see a HIIT BOX client outside of class with bulging over-developed muscles, but you will see our clients with the strength of bodybuilders, the endurance of triathletes and the stamina of marathoners.  Lifting heavier weights with HIIT does not mean you're going to bulk up - quite the opposite. Adding a few pounds to your dumbbells or sandbells, combined with the intensity of the moves and our unique sequencing, brings a level of cardio to your session that burns so much fat, bulking up would be literally impossible. 

There is a demand for a workout that falls in-between Barre/Pilates and Crossfit, and that is what we strive to provide everyday in HIIT BOX classes.  


Optimizing Your Nutrition for Exercise

By The Wellthy Plate
Saturday, April 14th, 3 p.m.

A Nutrition "Taste and Talk" Workshop with
Brooklyn-based dietitians Brett Klein and Callie Exas

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