Fitness should be affordable so we're very excited to announce monthly memberships are now live. With a full roster of classes, an amazing coaching staff and tons of exciting fitness initiatives, we think monthly memberships are an economical option. As we continue to move towards expanding and with our eye on new bigger digs, monthly memberships can allow clients more access without breaking the bank! You can terminate your membership at will and we ask that you make an initial 2 month commitment. The system will pull from your membership, NOT from your sessions, they stay intact in your account. 

Prices below*:
Monthly Pass for 50-minute Classes: $155/month
Monthly Pass for 30-minute Classes $115/month 

*Please reach out to 917-937-6777 or to set up your monthly passes. 

Heavy Weights Are NOT The Enemy

By Maryam Zadeh and Alexandra Rickards

Often times clients walk into HIIT BOX, see the line of 15+ pound dumbbells, and immediately envision themselves turning into a world champion body builder by the end of their first class. We can't say it enough - don't let large weights and props intimidate you! In recent years, higher pound weights and dumbbells have gotten a bad rep, and we're here to turn that myth on its head, because it is really nothing more than a bad rumor. HIIT BOX workouts are comprised of bursts of specifically sequenced moves, designed to burn fat and engage targeted muscle groups, so by using the added weight from props such as kettle bells you are only aiding in that intensity. You are never going to spend an entire class doing the same couple of repetitive moves/presses with really heavy weights, this type of workout which may lead to your muscles beefing up.  We are hands-on in our coaching and would never push (cut you) for those results unless you wanted a thicker look to your physique. With our smaller class size we are able to focus on every client's abilities - recommending the correct sandbag, dynamax, ViPR and other fitness tools to give you the best results. 

HIIT has been proven to help you achieve long, lean muscle tone faster as you graduate to heavier weights. Use a variety of props and fitness tools with different functions to target every muscle by working harder and growing stronger. Three pound weights have their time and place, but for a HIIT BOX workout, you'll want to keep pushing yourself to increase weights every few sessions as you grow stronger. We promise you'll see the results as you burn fat, gain muscle tone and increase strength.

Summertime Pop-Up!


If you missed your chance to get your own screenprinted or embroidered Gryff T-shirts, we've got you covered (literally)! We'll be popping up our retail shop on Friday, June 15th and Friday, June 22nd from 2pm to 7pm featuring everyone's favorite nutrition all-star duo The Wellthy Plate and a delicious range of sweet and savory snacks from Pulse.  Stop by and treat yourself to something special.

A lot of exciting changes are coming in the coming months and we appreciate your feedback and support.  For 15% off all classes and class packages, use code Summer15, expires this Sunday, June 17th at midnight.