Holly Van Hare

Holly's Classes:
Wednesdays @ 7pm
Saturdays @ 12pm

Holly moved to New York from Boston in 2017 and found her home in Brooklyn. By day she writes about food and health for Tribune Publishing, and outside of work, she spends her time reading, exploring New York, and taking and teaching fitness classes. Holly has been teaching HIIT classes since college and loves every second of it. Her favorites are Tabata and kickboxing. She's all about bringing positive vibes to her workouts and using fitness as a way to make the rest of her life better. A workout should never feel like a chore!


How did you get into HIIT workouts and have you always been athletic/into sports?
I was on a swim team in middle school, but quit sports in high school completely. I thought that since I hated running, there were no options for me to participate in exercise I enjoyed. In college, I saw an advertisement for group fitness classes at my school’s gym. I gave a Zumba class a try and loved it. From there, I started taking more classes and trying new things. I found a community in group fitness and fell in love with fitness classes. That’s when I knew I wanted to teach—I trained at my school, and never went back.

What are some of your favorite parts of a HIIT BOX workout that you haven't been able to find elsewhere?
I love the personable atmosphere. I like to get to know the people and instructors at a studio, and HIIT Box makes that easy! I also like the intense (yet positive) vibe. I like difficult and challenging workouts, but hate the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. HIIT Box totally aligns with my view of fitness, which is that a workout should feel good andchallenge you at the same time.

What can we expect from your classes?
You can expect a lot of energy. I love to switch it up and keep classes challenging—expect it to be new every time, for me to tell you why we’re doing the work we are, and for you to leave feeling better than you did when you walked in! That’s my goal for every class.

What is your fitness philosophy?
Fitness is something I do for myself. If it doesn’t make you feel good, you’re doing it wrong. That’s my philosophy.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m a huge book nerd! And super into feminism. In five years, I hope to be teaching feminism and body politics in literature at a university somewhere in New York City. I also hope to continue to teach fitness classes. 

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