Meet The Trainer: Juliette Saldago
When Juliette showed up for a coaching position in June, we loved her on sight! Strong, confident and happy, she nailed her interviews and auditions. Always ready to learn, she went through weeks of training and we spent the summer creating classes for her. Now she is a HIIT BOX Rockstar! 

6:15pm DIRTY 30

10:30am TABATA 30

6:15pm HIIT ROCK


Where were you born? Santa Rosa, California

Tell us about your fitness background. My background is deeply rooted in Dance and Pilates, giving me a solid structure to teach Barre and High Intensity Interval Training.

What's the best thing about joining the HIIT BOX TEAM? The team itself, they have such a no nonsense vibe. The badass clients - some of the toughest I've ever trained! And the creativity we have as coaches. 

If you could have lunch with someone no longer alive, who would it be? Anita Berber - she was a famous Cabaret dancer in 1920's Berlin. Notorious for her scandalous nude performances. 

Where would we find you 1:00 a.m. on a Thursday? Thursdays you will always find me at a show. Either on stage or in the audience. 

If you could go on tour with any rock band who would it be? THE WHO! Because they were absolutely wild on the road …

Arroz con Pollo or Quinoa Kale Bowl?  Quinoa Bowl add lots of hot sauce!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In NYC teaching Master Classes and headlining big Burlesque Revues. 

What's your fitness philosophy? I work hard to step out of my own comfort zone, so I push my clients to do the same. You need to give me your all for 20 seconds. If it's easy...is it really even worth it? 

Tell us about your Friday night HIIT ROCK class. HIIT class set to hard rock & heavy metal!! Sweating with your favorite rock stars!! 

Welcome Juliette! We are excited to head into fall with your killer workouts! Take 20% off her classes with code: juliette20 and please follow her @lawdymama and check out her shows.