We wanted to offer a Fight Conditioning class that combined our signature HIIT format with boxing training. A two-coach concept that was highly stylized and hard AF. Zak walked in and totally got it! After weeks of formatting and workshopping, we think it's one of the best classes on our roster - and they're ALL EXCELLENT. Check out his class #FIGHTCON it will change your fitness game!  

9:30am #FIGHTCON

10:45am #FIGHTCON


Where were you born? Fort Collins, CO. No I’m not a skier. I grew up in a black household and some stereotypes are true.

Tell us about your fitness background. I’ve been involved in some form of combat sports since I was a teenager. When I moved to NYC, I enrolled in a Brazilian Jiujitsu gym and trained for 12 years -adding Muay Thai and wrestling. Since Father Time is immune to punches, I’ve been focusing more on strength, conditioning and overall wellness, both physical and mental. 

What's the best thing about joining the HIIT BOX TEAM? Maryam’s coaching style really stood out to me. She’s hard without being mean. She’s encouraging without being patronizing. I watch her clients try and succeed at things they didn’t know they could do, whether it’s to impress Maryam, prove her wrong or just get her to shut up. The way she works with each trainer to help us find our own strengths as coaches and be the best versions of ourselves is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. 

What's your fitness philosophy? To help each client find “ah ha!” moments. Fight training can feel like a puzzle sometimes, where a lot of our physical instincts are wrong. When pieces start to click together for someone, they brighten up in a way where even if they don’t say it out loud, you can see “Ah ha!” in their eyes. 

Who would you fight? Who would you kiss? Who would you get drunk with? I’d fight Tucker Carlson. He likes to put up these tough guy fronts and paint political opponents as timid wimps, but I know a pushover when I see one. I’d take one for the team and kiss Mike Pence because he seems like he could use it. I’d get drunk with AOC. I think about politics a lot, and not just because I saw an influx in female fight clients after the last election. 

OJ Bronco or KIIT? KIIT all day. He’s a badass car, but more importantly, he’s a good friend. He probably could have talked OJ out of doing anything psychotic that day had he been around instead of the Bronco.

If you could only eat one thing the rest of your life, what would it be? Chicken tenders. Don’t @ me.

You're shipwrecked and stranded on a desert island, what are the three things you grabbed? Did I grab these items in anticipation of being stranded on an island, or just three things I brought with me on the ship? In either case it would probably be sunblock and some kind of a hat. As a bald guy, the sun and I are not on good terms. Maybe I’d also preload an assortment of offline games into my phone so I had something to do. My survival instincts aren’t that amazing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I want to see where we’re at as a country before I get too crazy with the plans. Let’s just get through the year and play it by ear from there, yeah?

Tell us about your #FIGHTCON class. Fight Con is designed to give you a place to train and hit things like a fighter without committing to the whole fighting thing. It’s a safe, inclusive space where you’ll push yourself to the limit and feel like a champion after. 

Welcome Zak! We are excited to have you on the Team. Take 20% off his classes with code: zak20 and please follow him @zak_koonce.