As the days get crazier and our bandwidth gets shorter, life just seems to demand more more more. So we asked our super-busy clients, trainers and BFFs: What’s the most supportive and positive thing you tell yourself when you are in a fitness rut?  

Below is the collected wisdom of the people we love and trust the most:


The most stressful part of getting healthy and fit is JUST GETTING STARTED. So if it has been a while, take the steps to walk through the door, whether it’s our studio or another doesn’t really matter. We know it can be intimidating. But. Just. Walk. In. That really is the toughest part—don't make it bigger than that. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Fitness is not one-stop shopping. Our bodies are different and your exercise should be, too. What works for you may not work for me, but something definitely will work for you. 

Always remember the best thing to do is your best. There is no competition and there are always going to be people in class that are better than you. Who the F*$# cares? Use the energy of the people and the class but don’t compete. The world is so quick to be negative, please fight to stay positive! 

Take some time to check out all the boutique fitness options out there now. Even smaller cities have more choices and most studios offer a “buy-one-get-one” the first time. Our best advice is: “try it before you buy it.” 

The only thing scarier than a jumping jack, burpee, pushup or squat is being out of shape. THAT is much scarier. Do something daily!

Stop waiting for health and fitness to get easier, it doesn't. It gets better. You need less time to recover and you get ready for the next fitness challenge. 

Regardless of WHAT you do, you must stay committed. The workout itself does not matter, the follow-through and commitment do. 

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