We offer 30 and 60 minute classes with new classes being added each week.


30 minute sessions.  Short, intense, effective.  Great as an addition to your workout or on its own.

Just what it says:  30 minutes of work focusing on your abs, butt and thighs.  You’ll love the way your pants fit this fall.

Crunches, planks, crossovers and more – this class works everything for the midsection.  Muscles you never even knew you had.  Stick with it for 3 weeks and you’ll catch yourself constantly pulling your shirt up to get a glimpse of your abs.   

60 minute metabolic training sessions with short, timed intervals and sets that push you to the limit.  Part cardio, part strength.  Medicine balls, kettlebells, rowers, battle ropes, plyometrics and ViPR’s are just a few of the toys to get you burning.

All set to HIIT timing, and no two workouts are the same.  You can do anything for 30 seconds...  

New Classes:

BURN DADDY BURN (starts October 1)
Momma can't be the only one HIITing it.  The ladies are really tough, guys, so maybe you want a session just to yourselves?  Whatever your fitness level, you will get something out of this. Hard-core athlete? Just getting back in the game?  Bring it.  HIIT is perfect for you.  Guys only, please.  

HIIT 45  (starts October 1)
If you feel like you need an intro session before you jump into the group fitness classes - then HIIT 45 is for you. Same as the group fitness, but scaled down to 45 minutes for those new to this type of training.  Still working with short, intense, timed sets, yet the pacing is geared for first-timers, and we stop at 45 minutes.   One or two of these sessions and you will be ready to rock the main schedule!

EARLY BURN (starts October 2)
Early.  Super early.  Before the city wakes up.  HIIT BOX’s signature class incorporating barre burn, power yoga and pilates – all HIIT based. 

HIIT & RUN (starts October 3)
A 5-week workshop where half the session is inside doing HIIT work with me and half the session you are outside doing running intervals with a track coach. The best of both worlds.